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Are Tenants or Landlords Responsible for Repairs?

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Thu 16 May 2019

Are Tenants or Landlords Responsible for Repairs?

As a trusted letting agent, Southern Properties and Management are used to being asked “are tenants or landlords responsible for repairs?” when it comes to maintenance issues, and we always endeavour to help both parties reach a solution that works for both of them.

In general, landlords are responsible for the majority of repair work that a property needs, including maintaining the structure and exterior, plumbing, wiring, gas appliances and more. Of course, this applies to issues of general wear and tear, and is another matter entirely when something has been damaged by a tenant or associate.


If a tenant (or guest) has damaged a part of the property, then the tenant becomes responsible for the cost of that repair; the landlord will more than likely want to use contractor of choice to rectify any damage, but the cost will usually fall on the tenant, whether they repair it themselves, hire a tradesman, or pay the landlord back for the repair work.


Aside from this, tenants are responsible for minor upkeep tasks such as changing light bulbs and fuses, or replacing batteries in smoke alarms and gas detectors. Any of their own appliances are their own responsibility, but those provided by the landlord in (semi-) furnished lettings may be their responsibility too, depending on what’s laid out by the Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) Agreement.


Tenants are also responsible for keeping their let home clean and safe, as well as reporting any issues to their landlord so that they can be addressed.

If you need help with questions like “are tenants or landlords responsible for repairs?” or want a responsible letting agent to help mediate between the two parties, then get in touch with Southern Properties and Management today by calling 01252 724438 or completing our contact form.